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Welcome to TelAxis Advisors, LLC
We are on the cutting edge of Data Center & Technology real estate.

TelAxis Advisors has successfully negotiated Lease, License and
Purchase & Sale Agreements for hundreds of millions of dollars in
transactions. The principals of TelAxis Advisors have represented &
negotiated with some of the top companies in the country such as Verizon,
Washington Post, Hughes Network Systems, Qwest, Eaton Corp., Yahoo!,
MCI, Level 3 Communications and many others.
Over 20 years experience working with Data Centers, Wireline &
Wireless real estate
Focus on customizing your site selection needs for efficient deployments
Expert technical staff available for Consultation or Representation
What We Do

TelAxis Advisors leverage our relationships with property owners, real estate
funds,  equity funds, brokers, telecom, colocation, hosting & enterprise
companies in order to gain insight into what quality properties & companies may
be available nationwide.  We explore and rate these properties so that we may
provide speed to market for your application while preserving precious capital for
your firm.

In many transactions, we are a specialized real estate brokers or consultants,
utilizing our many years of expertise with Data Centers.

On other transactions we may be buyers or sellers of a Data Center or a
technical asset.

We can provide quick wireless (WiMAX, 3G, 4G, LTE) and satellite (K-a, K)  
deployments in any part of North America, so your network or installation can be
up and running so your firm can secure revenue faster.

In all of these examples, TelAxis Advisors add value.

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TelAxis Advisors
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TelAxis Advisors, LLC
P.O. Box 5004,Incline Village, NV  89450-5004
@ Copyright 1997-2014, TelAxis, LLC
Our Company Mission

TelAxis Advisors was formed by a former Data Center, Telecom & Real Estate
executive that specializes in  Data Centers, Telecom , Wireless, Satellite and
other technical real estate. TelAxis'  focus has been on these areas that weren't
being addressed by the traditional brokerage firms.

Our founder(s) have been an integral part of the senior management teams at
MFS UUNet,  MCI Worldcom,  Equinix & Level 3 Communications to name a few.

TelAxis' goal is to assist those companies in seeking the best data center,
disaster recovery, expansion  location or wireless deployment that is a highly
critical component of their business.  TelAxis also assists many companies with
restructuring of their Real Estate, Data Center and Web Hosting  assets to save
precious capital for their core business'.
TelAxis, LLC
The Leading Authority of Data Center & Telecom Infrastructure