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Colocation Requirements

TelAxis can assist in fulfilling your rollout at no cost to your firm.

- From a Few Cabinets to Several Thousand Square Feet

- Most Major Cities in North America, Europe & Asia

- Capabilities To Roll-out to Multiple Cities at The Same Time

- Professional Representation & Negotition

- Fee is paid by Colocation/Data Center Provider

- Extensive Database That Shows Us Space & Power at Each Location

- Experience with Distributing RFP's for Larger Requirements
TelAxis has
relationships with
Colocation & Data
Center Providers in
most North
American Cities

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Major Items to Consider for a Colocation Requirement:

- Financial Strength and Geographic Footprint of Provider

- Amount, Reliability & Cost of Electrical Power

- Size of Facility and Robust-ness of Infrastructure Equipment

- Length of License/Lease Term

- Cost of Electrical Power, Space and Other Services

- Ability to Expand in The Future

- Access to Multiple Telecommunications Providers

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