Data Center & Colocation Properties

TelAxis, LLC's founder has a relationship with many
Communications, data center, web hosting & enterprise
organizations. These industry types may have different requirements
on size, geography, power, connectivity .  We have worked through
many of these issues and understand that no facility is a one size fits
Factors to consider for Data Centers & Colocation Space

Geographic location - seismic, flood plain, connectivity, work force, etc.

Size of Facility - gross SF, raised floor, support space, equipment space

Raised Floor Space - height, configuration, load, cooling, expandable

Electrical Service - amount, N+1 configured, substations, cost KwH, etc.

Electrical switch gear - amount, configuration, N+1, placement, etc.

ATS - amount, configuration, N+1, delay, cost, etc.

Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) - configuration, backups, size, expand

Backup Generator Power - configuration, backups, size, noise

HVAC - amount, configuration, backups, cost, alarms, expansion

Fire Suppression Systems - FM200, dry-pipe, double pre-action,  alarms

Secure Faciltiy  - cameras, card readers, biometric hand scanners

Carrier Neutral Facility - easy, free access to many fiber providers

& Many other details.....

We are specialists in all the details, saving your firm time, cost & effort in
selecting your short list of acceptable properties.

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